About GPX Mapper

About GPX Mapper

GPX Mapper is a tool for plotting, analyzing, editing, and creating GPS data with Google Maps.
Input and output files are of the GPX format, which is a XML format for GPS data.
More information on GPX can be found at www.topografix.com. There you can also download EasyGPS, a free tool for downloading and uploading data from and to GPS receivers.
GPSBabel is a helpful tool for translating file formats of all kinds to and from GPX format. You can find it at www.gpsbabel.org.

Terms of use

GPX Mapper is free to use for non commercial purposes.
By using http://jos.steketee.info/mapper.php?file=http://file-to-be-plotted websites can link to GPX Mapper. This way of linking will directly load and show the file.
Keep in mind that GPX Mapper cannot be loaded into a frame.


GPX Mapper is provided "as-is". No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied.
The maker of GPX Mapper cannot be held responsible for any damage that might be caused by the use of the website.


Calculation of distance and bearing is based on the Movable Type Scripts developed by Chris Veness (www.moveable-type.co.uk).
The draggable and resizable windows were developed by Mike Hall (www.brainjar.com).

Calculation of stretch related values

Data like speed, bearing and ascent rate are calculated by GPX Mapper as average values for the stretch between two successive points. For convenience these values are linked to the first of the two points, although they actually reflect the values for the entire stretch between the two points.


GPX Mapper doesn't use tracking cookies. However, it is possible to store certain options as default values on your own computer in a cookie. This cookie will be kept for 31 days from the last time you used GPX Mapper. You can remove the cookie by unchecking the checkbox in the option window. This will remove the cookie when your browser session ends.
GPX Mapper offers the possibility to use a geolocation service to invoke a map with your current location. You can only use this service if your browser supports this feature, and if information on your location is available to your browser. Information on your location is not used for any other purpose by GPX Mapper, and is not stored by GPX Mapper.


Comments, questions or suggestions to improve GPX Mapper are appreciated. They can be sent by e-mail to 'jos (dot) steketee (at) hccnet (dot) nl'.

Copyright 2007-2011 by Jos Steketee. All rights reserved.

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